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Pursuing Justice For My Clients Is My Passion

For over 25 years, I have represented family businesses, individuals, estate administrators, trustees and corporations in contested matters.  Whether you are being forced to sue to protect your rights or are defending yourself or your business against dubious claims, you need an experienced hand to guide you through the confusing and hostile environment of litigation.  Seeking justice is my aim every time I agree to take a case.  Using a strong command of the law and a determination to uncover the truth, I work with you to obtain the best possible outcome. 

Every client is important.  Every case is important.  Each of my clients receives personal service. 

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Areas of Practice

Civil Litigation

Being involved in a lawsuit is a troubling time.  Litigation is complex and unfamiliar and the outcome is far from certain.  I can use my years of experience to help demystify the process and find a plan of action that fits your goals.  Let me work with you to plan a strategy that increases the prospects for success.

probate and trust litigation

The administrator of an estate, executor of a Will, or Trustee of a Trust is subject to the highest duties that the law can require.  Whether you are alleged to have violated those duties or need to hold someone accountable for failing to do so, I will use my knowledge in these matters to help guide you through the difficult process of seeking a fair and equitable outcome.

Mediation services

Our justice system is designed to leave the resolution of your dispute to someone over whom you have no control.  If your case ultimately goes to trial, a judge or a jury will decide the matter for you.  With mediation, you remain in control of the outcome.  Mediation also provides the opportunity to fashion a solution where all parties can "win."  In trial, there will only be a winner and a loser.  Not every case can be settled with Mediation, but the overwhelming majority of cases that use voluntary mediation do resolve.


Right is right, even if everyone is against it, and wrong is wrong even if everyone is for it.
— William Penn


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